Treasure Hunt, Sydney


One neighborhood that I make a beeline for when I am in Sydney, is the area called Newtown. It is packed with cool cafes, restaurants, stores, and my favorite, Mag Nation. Yes, a magazine store is alive and well and it is chock full of the fabulous, hands-on, Jurassic technology that are magazines from all over the world. I go right for the art, design, and wedding magazines, but also choose random ones in other categories that catch my eye. The key to a signature wedding is looking for inspiration in unusual places. You fall into the proverbial cookie cutter trap when you follow the trends too closely and are looking at all of the same things as everyone else.


At the moment, I am totally enjoying one called New Philosopher and especially an article entitled Just Who Do You Think You Are . . . The Splendid Mess of Personal Identity. How perfect for a blogger who writes about branding! This quote got me thinking, ”Where once we could have spoken of the ‘self’ without further qualification, today there are, by philosopher Galen Stawson’s count, more than thirty distinct senses of ‘the self’ in play in the literature—and that list is growing rather than shrinking. It’s all a bit of a mess. Quite a splendid mess, sure, but a mess nonetheless.”

So, which self are you? We’d love to know more about our readers. In fact, we are preparing to launch our new site in the next month and will conduct our first reader’s survey—there will be prizes! In the meantime, share your story with us. Drop us a line and tell us which ‘self’ you are—things like: Age, Occupation, Relationship Status, Location, Media Diet (What you follow, read, watch, etc.), Income Range, Hobbies, Topics You Would Like Us to Write About, Tools/Things You Think Are Missing From the Wedding Market.

Here are some other fabulous magazines I picked up and am reveling in. What a splendid mess!

White Magazine
This one is a lovely and very atypical wedding magazine—an example of the very signature style I was talking about above. Check out the cool tents at Katalane and the gorgeous lace dresses at Kitsch Bitsch.


Extra Curricular . . . for Creative Folk
What a precious little craft magazine from New Zealand—they are done in limited edition print runs of 1,000.


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